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A preparation for the Korean TOPIK exam is possible in our school ! Discover the conditions below.

What is TOPIK ? 
TOPIK  (Test Of Proficiency in Korean) is a test of language proficiency in Korean.
This test is divided into two different levels, TOPIK I (level 1 and 2 – beginner) and TOPIK II (level 3, 4, 5, 6 – intermediate and advanced)
In France, the TOPIK test is held once a year, usually in the fall, and is organized by the Education Section of the South Korean Embassy. It is possible to register for this test in several schools and universities in France.

Next TOPIK session

Opening and closing date for registration for the preparation : To be announced soon

Date of the exam : To be announced soon


The registration is done directly on the officiel website of TOPIK.

The price of the JLPT is 75€ (level 5 and 4) and 85€ (level 3, 2 and 1).

TOPIK exam preparation

* Excluding the annual fee of 35 €

And excluding registration for the official exam.

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