Tutorats, salons d’échanges, événements multiculturelles, la vie de l’école permet à nos étudiants de pratiquer la langue à travers nos différentes activités.

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At AAA Paris, we give our students all the keys to improve in language learning. We have set up several supports : tutoring, exchange meetings, multicultural events…

The tutoring allows our student to go over a linguistic point with one of our teachers during twenty minutes.

Our students can also improve their French speaking with our several exchange meetings, leading by a French teacher with a particular theme.

Last but not least, we often organize multicultural events to bring our students, teachers, staff and partners together through various activities.

Upcoming events

Exchange meetings season 2023 : #23-1 Fastfood or slowfood ?

Friday 6th January, 2023

 6 pm – 7:30 pm

  AAA Paris, Salle 6 – 21 Rue d’Antin, 75002 Paris

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Lunar New year celebration

Friday 27th January, 2023

 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm

  AAA Paris – 21 Rue d’Antin, 75002 Paris

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